As I wrote, it is not like we don't learn and expand our horizons, it is just how much we learn and how much we expand is much overrated.

Even saying "going where tourists don't go" implies a shadow of the ego of wanting to feel special and different from the masses. How much we think we can take from short glimpses, and how much of what we learn can actually be embodied and not stay on a mental level.

We can do the same thing in our everyday lives and be constantly open to learning instead of living in autopilot.

I am criticizing everything including myself here. I've been on sabbatical for two years traveling nonstop and have always been a big traveler. I am a seeker at heart. I have no recollection of the last time I traveled as a "tourist" as I am much more inclined to spend time with tribes in the Amazon or camping on my own in the desert. All my travels are for spiritual reasons, and yet I know I could ascend spirituality without them. What it takes is for us to detach from what it is, and we don't need to leave where we are to leave our mental constructs behind. Back to Plato's cave, so to speak. Thanks for reading, Evans!



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