Hi John. If you see "draw lines" as a clear stop on someone, yes. When I say draw lines, I picture for instance taking a stand with our voice instead of letting "peace" aka status quo reign. As the article began with a simple discussion that was left at it, the main thing for me is that we take stands. For me, it is about honesty. That does not mean we cannot be flexible. We are many people on Earth, we are to cooperate. Small victories have to be celebrated. I also don't want to live in a world that people cannot just be together and keep discussing all the time. The thing is, we can learn to draw lines with our words and behaviors and talk in a good way. I am a big fan of Marshall Rosenberg's approach of Nonviolent Communication and believe much in the world could be improved simply by knowing ourselves and articulating ourselves better. That's 100% about being honest, and having the emotional maturity to handle it. Yes, some people will always cross the line, and there's much to work in the justice department. Still, the ideal is the goal, and any small progress towards it to be celebrated. It is a long road. Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your words, wish you great health! Aline



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