Hi! Thanks for the article. I am vegan for some years now, and agree with most of your points. I overall don't think killing is an issue — we live in a crazy planet where life feeds on life. I also believe different bodies require different diets. And yes, meat consumption contributes to global warming but that doesn't mean we all have to stop it completely, but be more mindful about the amounts we are consuming. Still, the cruelty issue is too big for me. The problem is not the killing, but how we treat animals while they are alive. What we do is pretty much taking their lives away from them. Putting them in small fences, separating children from their mothers, filling them with antibiotics and other drugs, giving them soya instead of proper grass. This slavery, this contract of us as masters is what bothers me deeply. In the article, you talk about it not being cruel due to your dialogue with hunters (I agree it is completely fine to hunt, just as harvesting — the animal has his freedom up to that moment). But my question is, do you eat only game now? Or do you buy regular meat at the supermarket? Judging by the bacon shop I would guess the latter, but I still felt like asking for argument logic's sake.



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