Hi Tom, thank you for taking the time to read this piece and to write back. We all see our crafts in different ways. Many do not want to be anywhere near social change and avoid talk politics at all costs. For me, it is not about using a logical mind in the creative process to decide what is first or second. But I feel we do too much for kicks without seeing the forest for the trees. Just like a tech entrepreneur can design a social media platform because it feels fun without realizing its possible detrimental impact on our sense of belonging and intimacy, so can an author's creation be more than just entertainment and corroborate to the creation of a pessimistic narrative. It is not something one single piece does alone, of course. It is a collective effort. Be it a website or a book, everything we do has a social component, it is something that is going to be received on the other end be it by readers, users, customers. My point is to make a call for seeing a bigger picture beyond the kicks. We are all responsible for the state of our reality. And each creator is a sovereign being to choose how to conduct her craft. Wish you a great rest of the week, Aline

Aline Ra M | Healer, Coach, Spiritual Teacher

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