I live in Sweden. A few things:

The issue with elder homes is real, and almost feels like unofficially the government has decided to sacrifice the elderly. Residents of elderly homes were not taken to hospitals, and eldercare nurses were not prepared to treat corona. This has been discussed much in Sweden. Another big criticism has been that we were promised the number of tests per day would increase drastically many weeks ago - to 100,000 a week - but the health system has never managed to do it.

The strategy behind the Swedish policy is: this virus spreads easily and we can't stop it, only contain it. So let's make sure people get sick at a speed that we can handle, so let's make sure we have hospital capacity overtime to take care of all. And that they have done perfectly, as there's not a single city in the country that reached hospital capacity — however that came at the expense of the elderly who did not get to use that infrastructure, as mentioned above.

As for Tegnell's interview, that is pretty much using a sentence out of its context. ANYONE would make better decisions in the past had they known what we know today. But no one knew any better, and each country used a different set of logic based on what they saw in China and what they took from previous pandemics. If any leader was interviewed today and said they wouldn't do anything differently it means they are arrogant and unable to learn. There are many mistakes in our take as there are many mistakes anywhere else, but at least here the person in charge does not depend on inflating his ego.

If you are going to talk about mortality rates and "being better or worse", then bring more numerical comparisons. Also, the death rate has been slowing down consistently here and is only higher than average if taken accumulative, not on a time progression. See https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/

Finally, our constitution does not grant the government the power to set a lockdown during peacetime. That is much more important for us than the market economy.

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