So weird. I had never checked "empowerment" on the dictionary before, until now. I was so sure you had written it wrong, it couldn't be that, so I found myself having to double-check. I've always defined empowerment as a power we have within ourselves, something natural that sometimes we lose along the way. It feels like many lead a life of victimization instead of empowerment (if you see empowerment as meaning personal power independent of other's power, that is). So yes, nothing to do with someone giving me anything. I feel like going to ever dictionary ever written and with a red pen. I really like the definition that Hal Stone and Sidra Store have on his book Embracing Ourselves:

Powerful: the energy patterns of the power side (being superior, meaning someone is inferior).

Empowerment: an aware ego that can honor and embrace both power and vulnerability. That is, an empowered person can embrace all the spectrums of her being, shadows and lights.



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