Tough Love

A poem about feeding life with life

Aline Ra M
2 min readJan 3, 2020


Photo by Asa Rodger on Unsplash

Step like you mean it

Mother Earth thrives when her children take pride in being alive
She is life feeding on life, endlessly
Divine as she is, you can step light as a feather if you please,
But be warned, it won't even tickle on her skin

Now don't be shy, caress the Great Mother with your feet
With confident steps of devotion, offer her your courage

Gaia triumphs when ebullient with lifeforce energy, forever circulating
As a good mother, she offers herself
Trusting you to feed on life, and let life feed on you

Take all roles and show Pachamama you can do her dance
What a grandiose sign of affection, to be predator and prey
Let her gorge on you and prepare to reap

Here in the physical world, the land of action, where all manifests
Feel, hear, see, smell, devour, kiss, touch
Breathe deep and loud
Make love, guffaw, roar, bawl
Open up your mouth, feed on life, and offer it all back

Take all your endless shots and thrive
Co-create with her, now don't be shy
Take her teasing, show your true cards
The full expression of your being, your hearty appetite
Stand tall, open up your chest, claim your voice, set your heart on fire
What extra motivation do you need when life is pulsating inside of you?

Step deep into Creation, penetrate it, over and over again
Till you have planted long thick roots
Surrender to your nature, release any worry
Let her do the holding, trust all your weight down
Step forward with full support, fall with your ass on the ground
You can't go any lower
Trust her loyalty to hold you, stand up and step again
And again
And again
And again

Relish your walk as the Great Mother relishes all life vibrating
Fill your lungs, smell the fragrance of life
Give it all back and grab some more again

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, spiritual guide, energy worker, and tea lover.

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