We live in yin & yang. We are perfect as we are AND we need to grow. Just one of them would be a lie; dealing with these two is the work. When it comes to "we have to grow", what it means is that we need to know what we want/need and go after it. This is an awareness that few have. Even worse, many confuse the desires of their ego with the desires of their higher self. That's where spiritual work / emotional maturity comes to place. To understand what we need, what kind of reality we want and don't go for coping strategies, cheap substitutes. All money in the world won't bring you love and belonging. Without clarity of the main driver of our actions, no cheap substitute is ever enough. Finally, there's nothing wrong with power, quite the opposite: we need it more than ever. But we have completely distorted the point of power and how to use it — even worse, we have disconnected from love. I wrote a bit about that not long ago, if of interest it is here https://medium.com/@alinemuller/love-is-not-enough-appreciating-power-cc00c4f25fe2

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